Weathershield will send out a specialist to perform
a full inspection of your building facade for: 

    1. Caulk separation and deterioration (maintenance on control joints, expansion joints, doors and windows should be done every 10 years.)
    2. Mortar joint cracks or flaking (Restoring mortar joints early on corrects a minor issue before it becomes a structural necessity)
    3. Façade Integrity issues (Non-maintained these surfaces can flake, crack and house mold in the substrate leading to failure of the product)
    4. Paint integrity (flaking or missing paint can let the elements into substrate causing rot and mold issues.)
    5. Foundation water issues (Foundation waterproofing keeps moisture out of basements to help resist mold and freeze cracks)

Once this inspection is complete, we will work with you to find the best options for your building’s needs. We will form a budget and help you to create a long-term plan to keep your building in great shape.


"We trust that Weathershield is the professional company to take care of our building maintenance.

They are always our first call for repairing wear and tear, and also for protecting from future damage."

We at Weathershield believe that relationships are the most important part of our business. We are advocates for our clients. We help building managers be more efficient, cost conscious, and detail driven through Weathershield's proven solutions and experience. We strive everyday to create satisfied customers that are willing to go out of their way to recommend our services to others.