Exterior Building Maintenance

No matter if your building is 10-years-old, or 100-years-old, they all require maintenance to survive in our harsh
midwestern weather. Weathershield is the premier commercial property maintenance company and has been
protecting and repairing building exteriors since 1986.

Joint Sealant/Caulking

An inspection of the building’s facade for caulk separation and deterioration will be performed to eliminate water and air infiltration.

  1. Controls water penetration & increases energy efficiency
  2. Preserves the integrity of the structure and foundation
  3. Keeps insects out & prevents long-term damage
  4. 10-year warranty on most caulk replacements

Tuck Pointing

Tuck pointing is mandatory when mortar joints have cracked, flaked, or disintegrated. We specialize in providing tuck pointing and masonry restoration.

  1. Controls water penetration
  2. Controls a small situation before it becomes a structural necessity
  3. Avoids the need to rebuild entire walls
  4. Restored brick work is more aesthetically pleasing

Facade Cleaning

Our teams have the best experience in the industry in cleaning tough stains on building facades.

  1. Remove soil and increase curb appeal & helps to uncover other condition issues
  2. Eliminates decay from damaging pollutants

General Carpentry

Sealing wooden and concrete surfaces can extend the life of the structure.

  1. Stops current deterioration of the surface including spalling, crumbling and water penetration
  2. Contaminants cannot be absorbed & resistance to efflorescence and deterioration
  3. 10-year warranty against water penetration
  4. Replacement of rotted wood, windows and doors, decks and patios.

Painting and Specialty Coatings

Awareness of substrate maintenance and protective measure will help the life of your building.

  1. Maintains and enhances curb appeal & maximizes energy efficiency
  2. Removes mold & ensures long-term performance
  3. Seals out water on exterior walls & gives appearance of a freshly painted surface     

Masonry Sealing

Sealing a porous surface on brick or other masonry can extend the life of the building.

  1. Stops current deterioration of the surface including cracking, crumbling and water penetration
  2. Contaminants cannot be absorbed & resistance to efflorescence
  3. 10-year warranty against water penetration

Pedestrian and Traffic Coatings

Protect walkways and high traffic areas.

  1. Aesthetically pleasing water proof membranes that reduce or eliminate leaks and concrete repairs.
  2. Non-skid surfaces that provide sure footing for high traffic areas
  3. Seamless Epoxy and Polyurethane multi part systems
  4. Custom warranty—We offer customized warranties to match any budget and type of repairs.

"We hire Weathershield for a yearly maintenance check up of our campus buildings.

Every year, they do a great, thorough job of checking for weather induced issues in our buildings and correcting them before they become major structural issues."

We at Weathershield believe that relationships are the most important part of our business. We are advocates for our clients. We help building managers be more efficient, cost conscious, and detail driven through Weathershield's proven solutions and experience. We strive everyday to create satisfied customers that are willing to go out of their way to recommend our services to others.